inSided + Gainsight Communities together at Pulse Europe 2022

  • 27 October 2022
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Keeping a community alive is no easy task.

It takes dedication, effort and a passion!

I know no one as passionate about Community as @anirbandutta.

We will be together at Pulse to talk about the initiatives we are excited about to drive engagement in our communities, and we hope it will inspire you to experiment with your own community programs to drive sustained customer success.



Feel free to connect with us in the this thread, or via Linkedin

I am always happy to connect and chat community, knowledge management and self service.

7 replies

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Thank you for intro-ing your session @Alistair FIeld @anirbandutta 
I cannot stop smiling at the excitement that the community discussion will be headed by you both there.⭐⭐
I’m really looking forward to this session as a community manager myself. So psyched! 🔥

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The triangulation of IRL sessions on-stage and off, on the day and round the year that we have got going here feels special @revathimenon, @Alistair FIeld 👍

All in, All About Pulse


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And a timely blogpost to segway nicely onto our session, exactly on this topic

10y of Community building at Gainsight & inSided and what we learnt from it 📝 

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Ok, now up on the Pulse microsite, the formal Session abstract in a 3rd person voice :p 


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Community customer engagement not only leads to customer acquisition but also increase brand loyalty which, ultimately, promotes retention!! Excited to learn your @Alistair FIeld tactics! 

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@sarahmasterton-brown it was awesome to finally meet you f2f! 😀 

Congrats on getting your own Community in the works… I’ll let you share that news. Can’t wait 🙌

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🔉 The recording of our session is now available 

📝 Roundup of the event, a Community Manager’s POV