In Person Networking at Pulse!

In Person Networking at Pulse!
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Can you believe we are just over a week away from Pulse? Not sure about you, but I’m FIRED UP for thousands of professionals in Customer Success, Product, and Community from across the world to learn, celebrate, share, and have fun in our own unique way.

It’s been a popular request to meet other customers just like you and we wanted to create a space for you to set up some in person networking opportunities! 


Comment on this post with your interest area (Example; Digital lead CS, Community management. etc.) to meet folks who are trying to solve a problem just like you!


If you have any questions, please reach out!



Customer Advocacy Manager @ Gainsight 


P.s. Comment on post to continue to meet in person after Pulse. Let's form local user groups from your area if there are enough people interested.

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Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan, CS Associate at Gainsight. This is my first Pulse in person, very excited and grateful to be here!


So far, I really enjoyed the Success Planning session with Lyndsay Paris from VMware. If you didn’t see it, I’d recommend doing so!

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Absolutely loving the human connection at Pulse! Look forward to connecting with more folks at the Pulse Party this evening. I’d love to hear the most valuable things people are taking back with them. 

One thing I found particularly intriguing is around AI and just how impactful that can be to help us better and more efficiently support our customers.

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So cool to have you here, welcome to the community @jescobedo, @nick_morris👋🏾

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