Gratitude for PX Connections Breakfast!

  • 22 May 2023
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WOW!  I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude in getting to see you all at the PX Connections Breakfast.  @jmobley @aroberts and I really enjoyed getting to sit with you all in addition to our wonderful leaders : Caitlin Quilan (GM of PX), Karl Rumelhart (President, Products, Tech & Global Ops),  Gil Michilin (SVP of Engineering for PX), Denise Stokowski (Group VP, Platform Products), Kartik Yegneshwar (VP of Global Support & Technical Success), and our incredible Enterprise Tech Support Analyst, @rschlette Rob Schlette! If I didn’t get a chance to say “Hello” personally, I’m certain you were able to meet with our incredible team listed above.   My email is and would LOVE to hear from you on the event and any follow up items. 💖


I hope everyone made some connections with our leadership as well as with other amazing PX Customers.   I heard some engaging conversations and saw lots of big smiles.  Pulse is truly a special event where we can build off the community of PX-ers and see how all of Gainsight’s products working together can achieve greatness.  PX is the back bone of all things Digital leading the way with In-application engagements with your users with the right content at the right time and supplying the CS teams with actionable insights and telemetry on Product Usage and Adoption.  My hope is that you all took away how important it is to have CS and Product Teams working together to achieve Key Business Objectives!  The strongest companies I work with have torn down those silos and worked together in driving successful outcomes 💪🏻


Here’s a few pictures of the event and the PX team -  can’t wait to catch up with all of you!



5 replies

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Thank you for sharing these @kathleenkenny23 !

Love the PX word with the pins! 😍

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This was a great event.  Amazing to see folks and engage on great topics.  Thanks you!!

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@kathleenkenny23 - Glad to meet you at Pulse!  When the session recordings are made available, perhaps you can let us know which sessions were about PX. I found (and attended) only 2, but late Thursday, you mentioned that there are 4 others.

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Hey @mmarques Likewise! Absolutely - I will create a great Community Post about all things PX ;) 

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It was so great to meet you last week! Looking forward to continuing to learn from other product managers leveraging PX :)