First timer at Pulse

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I'm thrilled to attend my first Pulse event! I just joined Intelligage, a company that provides AI-powered customer success solutions. While I'll be working at our booth, I'm also eager to connect with everyone here. I've heard great things about the puppies, so they're definitely on my must-see list. If you have any tips (I have checked out the pro-tips), let me know. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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So excited for you @homjen 😍

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Things I’ve most regretted in the past:

  • Never getting to the headshot station (avoid at times when the lines will be long)
  • Only watching the puppies instead of dropping my bag and actually getting in there! Similarly, I never got on the ferris wheel in 2018, never played air hockey in 2021… a fully-scheduled Pulse doesn’t allow you to relax into unexpected things you discover.
  • Finding people like me to talk with. Had great success one year searching the app for people with similar titles to mine and proposing a spot for a lunchtime meetup. But last year, I didn’t chat with a single fellow community manager. 🤦‍♂️ By the same token, have stumbled into some great random chats by introducing myself to the person sitting next to me at a keynote, or going up to ask a speaker’s opinion on something right after their session.
  • Not taking a breather! I don’t just burn the candle at both ends -- I attack the candle with dual butane torches 😆 This year I’m planning to take advantage of the Mindfulness Meditation, especially the session right before I go on stage for my breakout presentation. (Note: Checking your email is not the ‘breather’ that you think it’ll be. 😄)
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At risk of dealing a blow to all the speakers (who are amazing, and who I want to be when I grow up), I remind myself that the value of Pulse that you can’t get any other time of the year is being literally together. The education is amazing, and it’s also the chance to be together in-person that’s the extra magic this week.

So have a conversation together, play with puppies together, ask your neighbor what stood out in that session your exiting and learn something together, grab a snack together.

And….if you’re an introvert like me, and need a break from “together”, then just walk around for a bit, gently taking in the amazing energy and conversations happening around you.

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So excited for you @homjen! 😃