Aha! Your learning journal for Pulse 2022

  • 17 August 2022
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There is so much to learn & share at Pulse! 🙌

Please use this space to share your favorite insights and reactions you have taken away from any of the sessions.

You never know who it helps :) 

P.S. You could tag the speaker or the track leader & give them a chance to directly know what you learned from their session!

4 replies

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Insight: “If you can get into the opportunity, that unlocks a tremendous amount! The more precise we are in our data, the faster we get to the outcome,” says our very own SVP, CX + Customer @tyler_mcnally during the Pulse#2022 session Talk is Cheap: “How to Walk the Walk With Customer Outcomes”

Puppies are awesome… whether you’re in person or catching one playing from thousands of miles away. Somebody play with this guy for me, please!!! :-)

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@seth you might want to take up @SeanDonnelly’s request on this. I mean, puppies! 😫💛🙌🏼
Many of us rooting on the same lines too! 

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Insight: “Not to simplify complexity, but manage it well.” Learning lots at Pulse session:The Neuroscience of Memorable Content