When entering comments in Scorecards the date does not change, the user has to click the numbers bar & hit the check mark before it updates

  • 14 July 2015
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When entering comments in Scorecards the date does not change, it requires the user to click the numbers bar and hit the check mark before it closes, it would be great if the date was updated from the comments box too

7 replies

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Hello Bo,

I am the new Community Manager here for Gainsight and as such I have been going through and checking to make sure that everyone has been helped. Were you able to get assistance on this or did you still need some help?


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Hi Bo,

Just so that i understand, are you suggesting that the last modified date should change even if a user edits only the comment section?

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There should probably be two dates: One for the last time the Score itself was updated and one for the last time the comment field was updated.  I do not think we want the updates to comments field to overwrite the date the Score was split into two dates.
Hi Gainsight team-- I just spoke with a customer on this-- here is some additional insight: When you toggle the scale for each score it only records the date then.  But when you fill in the notes in the scorecard tile it doesn’t update with the date. Is this something we are going fix in the product?  If so when. Thanks for any insight! 
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Hi Michelle,

The last modified date present in the scorecard represents the date when a score of a Measure gets updated. Adding notes should not ideally change the date because it leads to confusion to the end user that the score was modified again.

However , we are trying to address the underlying issue of measure/overall health score comments  in the future by providing a timeline associated with a scorecard where you can see the history of measures and the comments associated with them in the past along with the timestamp. The ETA for this would be sometime in the second half of this year.

Hope this helps.


Abhishek S
I would like to see an updated date when we up date the comments.   We have to move the score scale for it to change.  We may not necessarily need to change the score just update the notes and want to show that there is some updates.  Happy to discuss further.   Angeline Felix @ Insideview
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Per Jeff's comment above, seems like there should really be two dates. As well as a much faster/easier/more obvious way to mark a score as being still valid/current.