What is the migration path for Relationship (Product) Implementation for existing Gainsight customers who have Account level CTA's?

  • 20 September 2016
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Problem we are running into is that we have implemented relationships (Product) but we have existing account level CTA's, that need to be associated to the product relationship.  We need the Relationship field exposed and editable on existing Account CTA's so we can associate to the relationship. We can create a new CTA at the Account Level and Relationship field is exposed but existing CTA's we can not edit relationship as is not exposed. You can imagine this is unrealistic to manually have to recreate all my CTA's & Tasks under my relationship product cockpit. Example, I have 10 Closed CTA's & 5 Open CTA's, that each have 10 tasks under the Account and that is only 1 account, we want them under the Product Relationship, what is the migration path?

1 reply

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I am afraid that there is no straightforward way to migrate already existing CTAs from an Account to a Relationship.  Of course, going forward, you can make all new CTAs at the Relationship level.