What is the best object to report off multiple scorecards in the same report?

  • 4 February 2019
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There a numerous objects for scorecards. Though, I have two scorecards that I would like to report off of in the same report. What is the best object for me to do this from or do I need to create a data space to combine my two scorecard objects together?


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Hi Ky,

The 'Scorecard Unified Fact' Object is what I've used to accomplish this!

I used this guide to build out the report:

The CSV export of this report takes some getting used to (it's a lot of data) but it's very useful once you figure out which columns to use!

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Is there a way to see the scores from both scorecards in one view? In our org, we start accounts in an onboarding scorecard and switch them to the regular scorecard. Once they have been switched using this view the onboarding measures say "Not Applicable". Is there a way to show what they were before the switch? For example if they all ended on green.