What data object contains the data for the overall scorecard value?

Since I have created a scorecard called Health Score, I see an MDA object called Health Score Scorecard Fact which I believe stores everything for that scorecard.  The problem is that I cannot figure out the data structure in order to create a report to display the overall scorecard value.  Additionally when I make changes to a scorecard to test if it is pulling in measures and/or overall value nothing changes so is there some sort of job that needs to be run or do I need to create a rule.  I have searched through documentation and with the old and new scorecard functionality I cannot find what I need.

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Hi Jason - you're on the right path. Once you select your Health Score Scorecard Fact as your object in the report builder, you'll see an option to change the view from Standard Report to Scorecard Mass Edit. This view should give you what you're looking for. Here's the necessary documentation:

Let me know if this helps.
HI Spencer - Thanks for the quick response.  Unfortunately, I am stuck on loading fields right now so I will need to try again later or submit a ticket.  I reviewed the document you shared but it isn't going to give me what I want.  I want to create a column chart for a dashboard which shows number of accounts by overall color scale.  The article does not show how to do that.  Any tips?