User want to get an email notification/alert when a client falls below a certain score.

  • 20 January 2020
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I am working with a customer in which he requested mentioned feature that a specific person should get notified when score falls below at a certain level for their customers.


Could someone please confirm if such configuration is available ?


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Hi @imran1184 - you would use a bionic query in Journey Orchestrator ( and select the relevant objects you’d use for your criteria - Scorecard, Account, User, etc. Using merge and filter criteria, you can arrive a a record for each customer account that has the score change details and the assignee that you’d want to send the email to. 

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We’re currently in the middle of a project to have CTA’s drop for the Users when a Health Score drops below X.  For a user to receive an email notification when a CTA to created for them - they would need to enable “A CTA is assigned to me”.  Which is found by click in the Bell in Cockpit.


One of our draw backs is working with IT to ensure our users are getting the notification emails, and they aren’t being stopped by Mimecast.

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Sagan’s solution is the first one I would recommend - creating a CTA when that score drops below a certain level and having the assignee notified via email. This also has an advantage of creating a CTA on their Cockpit, which ensures they see the notification even if they missed the email.


You could also create a Journey Orchestrator program to send an email (with or without a CTA) when the score drops below a certain level. 

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Thanks for the help!! it is really nice to hear that. I hope it gets implemented soon.


@dan_ahrens  Could you please help me with little hint how we go with Program on this?

Thanks in advance!!