Updating boolean if company has data

  • 4 July 2022
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Hi everyone,


We have created a custom object to list the customers who are under a specific type of contract. In the company 360, I would like to indicate with a boolean, whether or not this customer is under that specific type of contract.


How can I modify the boolean based on the data imported in the custom object? In that custom object, I only have the start and end date. I’m looking at using something like “X is not empty then boolean ticked”


Thank you!

1 reply

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I’d be inclined to use these 2 mechanisms together:

  1. A new custom field on the Company object, likely Boolean type
  2. A Bionic Rule, running on a schedule, to populate / update the above field based on the data in your custom object.

If you add a Boolean field, a best practice is to give the field a default value (likely False) and also to populate the field. Essentially, you don’t want nulls in a Boolean field, as they can create headaches later.

Your rule may have logic that determines if the specific type of contract is in effect, and if so, then populate the Company Boolean field as True, and if not then populate as False.

There’s likely also a Data Designer-based solution in here, though I tend to favor rules because they are a bit easier to create, manage and update, IMHO.