Update Objective CTA Start and End dates using the Rules Engine

Hey eveyone, new admin, first post.

We're looking for a way to dynamically update dates for Objective CTAs in a Success Plan. It would also be nice to be able to outright create them this way as well. Preferably this would be something done through the rules engine, an API load, or something similar. From reading other posts it seems like this is not possible today. Some workaround this using SFDC data loader, which I am unfortunately not familiar with.

Our use case - We track implementation projects in a third party project management system that doesn't provide very good visibility outside of the PM organization. We want to use Success Plans to track the high level milestones from these projects for visibility internally and for our customers. If the CSMs have to manually create and continously update these milestones it becomes a bit of a zero sum game for us.

I think the ideal scenario here would be to take a CSV that we can export from the PM system and use it to update the start and end dates for Objective CTAs (and potentially their related tasks.) We can probably get away with using Success Plan templates and creating the initial Objective CTAs through the Success Plan action in the rules engine. Many of the objectives will always be the same, depending on the type of project/success plan.

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