Unable to assign owner to Success Plan

  • 11 February 2016
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When I try to assign an owner to a Success Plan objective, I hover over the Owner field and it has a red "No" symbol. I thought perhaps it was because there was no CSM assigned to the account so I assigned myself in that role - still cannot assign. I also cannot Save the objective without being able to assign an owner so kinda dead in the water on proceeding with our implementation of Success Plans.

Currently waiting on an update from support, but wondering if anyone else has

had this problem?

4 replies

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Evidently you have to make the Success Plan "Active" before you can assign an owner.  This is not clear in the instructions  as this is all it says under Changing Status:

Status: change the status of the plan
  • Draft - the default plan status; objective CTAs are not visible in the Cockpit
  • Active - changing the plan to Active causes the objective CTAs to become visible in Cockpit
  • Closed - all objectives and tasks will be automatically closed
This implies that objective CTAs *could* exist, just not yet displayed on Cockpit, but evidently you cannot assign objectives until you make the plan Active.  Please update the document to be more specific about this caveat.
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Thanks for your feedback, Jeff. I'm testing this as well, and so far, I'm not finding that the SP has to be Active in order to assign an owner to the Objectives. I'll continue investigating, and update the article, if necessary. 
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So this is odd - now I can create a new success plan and create an objective with an owner before activating...but this was not the case when I created the first one.  That's why I screen captured that it was telling me I had to assign an owner before I could save it...because it wouldn't let me assign an owner.  I tried it several times. even logged out and back in because I'm definitely not above making a user error mistake. 🙂  It flat wouldn't let me assign one.  

But now it does.  Go figure?
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Hi Jeff,

It is not necessary to activate a success plan to assign objective/ task owner. Owner can be assigned in any status. I will investigate more on why it was not allowing you to assign the owner and will get back to you.