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  • 27 June 2019
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Hi all!

I'm working my way through the Gainsight Admin Foundations for SFDC; however, I think it'd be helpful to bring a lot of these conversations to life through conversation. Are there any meet-ups in San Francisco or any other tools you might recommend for a new admin who trying to navigate learning the platform?

Thanks! Any advice is much appreciated.


2 replies

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Welcome to the Community, Leila! I would strongly encourage you to share questions as well as learnings here on the Community. There are many very experienced and active Admins, Gainsight staff, and other newbies here who will be happy to connect with you. You may also want to check out the San Francisco Pulse Local chapter which is more broadly focused on customer success.

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As Lila mentioned, Community is a great resource. When you have specific questions, I'd also recommend checking out Admin Office Hours where you can get help with questions as they come up as well as learn by hearing questions from other Admins who join. In addition to the online Admin training at Gainsight University that you already mentioned, here are some other suggestions that may be helpful as you ramp up. I'm sure you're probably doing some of these already! 🙂 And I'm sure other veteran Admins will have some suggestions too.

(1) Listen to the 5 minute "Welcome to Gainsight" video and the 11 minute "What is Gainsight" video at to get some insights into what's possible

(2) Review any internal trainings or recordings your company may have created for either the initial Gainsight launch or to train new employees who join the company and should be using Gainsight

(3) Talk to your internal management to better understand the goals for the teams who are supposed to be using Gainsight (i.e. increase net retention by X%)

(4) Talk to your Gainsight COM (aka CSM) about Gainsight usage - what are top features being used the most and who's using Gainsight most and the least. They can also connect the dots between features and best practice business processes

(5) Grab a few minutes with your top users and a couple of folks who are not using as much to get their perspective on what's most useful and gaps/challenges

(6) Get to know your configuration by reviewing some of the main Gainsight screens through the lens of your users... Dashboards, 360, and Cockpit. Make note of what you see given all the steps done prior to this noted above.

(7) As you go through online Admin training at Gainsight University, try to review your production environment as you go -- especially for things like understanding: (a) data sources/Data Management, (b) Rules that you have active & running (loading customers, creating CTAs, setting scores, etc...), and (c) Journey Orchestrator programs (for coordinating digital & human outreach in one place).

** Optionally, there are economical 'virtual instructor led courses' on these 3 last three critical topics if you'd like to join training with a live Gainsight instructor. We also host an Accelerate Workshop in St Louis every ~4 - 6 weeks to help new admins ramp quickly. Details, pricing, and schedule available at Gainsight University-->Class Schedule.