Tracking Products and Services

  • 15 November 2018
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How can we track our Products / Services in Gainsight, as a part of C360s and R360s? The only functionality I have been able to find is "Product/Features" which offers a flat list of products that can be marked manually as activated.

I would love to be able to see Products/Services mapped to not only C360s and R360s but also users - in Person object and track them interactively same way as we track our customers - link users and their usage to individual products, Zendesk cases raised concerning specific products etc. Dashboard showing where the most revenue/churn/users/usage/issues etc comes from. Maybe even a product-level healthscore?

Is there a functionality within your product that supports this? Relationships come to mind though we're already using them for our customer segmentation. If Relationships is the only way to go, can we have different levels of R360s?

Thanks in advance!


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