Track Scorecard Scores in Usage Section of C360

  • 10 March 2016
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Is there a way to feed a customers's overall health score to the usage object in the C360 page? It would be nice to be able to trend scores against other metrics like logins, milestones, etc. 

1 reply

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Hi Kaycee,

For loading the customers overall health score into usage object you need to do the following - 

a. Once you go to the scorecard configuration section , you need to select "Load Snapshot to Engagement" checkbox.When checked, this feature allows you to take a snapshot every week or month (based on the date granularity is usage configuration) and store it in usage data. Once the snapshot is available, you can report on the data in the Engagement tab and from the scorecard section of the Customer 360 view. More details can be found here in the configuration section - . Please note that you need to have salesforce admin access and the ability read/write data to have the option.

b. Once Load Snapshot to Engagement is done , you will have the scorecard columns available in Usage Configuration section. More details here -

c. Now , when you go to the usage data section in C360 , you will have the option to choose Overall health Score as well and see the trends .

Hope this helps.