The reimagined C360/R360 view is beyond our wildest imagination!

  • 27 April 2022
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We just had an internal webinar at Gainsight where @gopal_rao_kallepu took us very patiently through the newly minted C360/R360 view. If you are on the fence about migrating to NXT, this functionality will seal the deal for ya! So many goodies in a single release!

  1. Chronological view of key milestones depicting the customer journey: ARR change, Opp close, EBR, CSM change, Stage change etc.
  2. It addresses many of the UI improvements for admins
  3. It gives power to the end users
  4. It is much more beautiful and intuitive. The design is very thoughtful to hide complexity from the end users/admin but at the same time not compromising on configurability. That combination is rare to achieve.
  5. Preview functionality of the customer journey AND preview functionality for the views
  6. Addressing the complexity on the relationship 360 view and hierarchies
  7. The ability to add logo of the customer in the C360
  8. Smart improvements to the UI to show configuration options such as bringing Timeline to the main view.


2 replies


+1 on the “Chronological view of key milestones depicting the customer journey: ARR change, Opp close, EBR, CSM change, Stage change etc.”

We are currently capturing stage change using Real-time rules and have great difficulty calculating this from a Custom Object where we save the logs. Especially since a Customer could skip-stages...and we also have a HOLD stage where we are waiting for something and would want to like exclude it from calculating timelines. Any help here will be great. 

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@gopal_rao_kallepu  I’ve got a fairly simple question that I don’t recall seeing in the demo: Will we have any ability to control the browser names of the R360 tabs? The reason I ask is because our relationship naming convention only has a few options - i.e. 6 or so at the moment. So it’s possible one of our end users could have, for example, 5 R360s open that all have the exact same name but belong to 5 different customers. This makes navigating tabs difficult. Even when I hover over a tab, it doesn’t tell me any information about which customer the R360 rolls up to (see below screenshot).