The C360 dashboard issue that causes the screen to freeze.

  • 24 July 2017
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I am posting this on behalf of an issue that my client (Cloudera) has experienced regarding the C360 page. What happens is that the UI will essentially lock up without warning, and the root cause is due to an unconfigured widget/field within the C360 dashboard. Could we look into providing descriptive errors on configurable dashboard pages that indicate when we have empty containers, or unconfigured field present? 

Here is the original report of this issue: [i]I am on the C360 page and cannot scroll, nor reach any of the options in the left nav. I clicked VoC in this example and am stuck there. I'm using Chrome and have restarted my browser completely with no luck.

Here is a screenshot of the root cause  -- as previously stated, would it be possible to add errors C360 dashboard page that would not allow you to save a layout if there are unconfigured widgets, or containers?

Also - if you ever run into a similar situation - check your Layout setup on the Admin tab, and look for an unconfigured item.

*this issue was captured in zendesk ticket 27234. 

3 replies

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Hi Dan, 
It would help us to debug this if we know on which object this related list was added. Ideally no section should hang entire page for any reason. 

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Hi, I have fixed the issue and will be part of our Summer release scheduled on September 1 week.. 

Thank you. 🙂
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Thank you Azhar, I really appreciate your collaboration and quick turn around on this! 

Thanks again!!