Support Scorecards 2.0 on GS Mobile

  • 21 February 2018
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Do we have an ETA on when Scorecards 2.0 will be supported in GS Mobile?  Currently customers are having to maintain Scorecards 1.0 in order to view scorecards on GS mobile.  

3 replies

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@Chris, Currently this is not in our road-map. Thanks for posting.

Redirecting this to our Product Team for further comments
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Can we get an update on this question/issue?
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Hi Chris, we've actually made quite a few backend improvements to the responsive design of many Gainsight pages over the past few months.

For example, the C360 can be viewed in most modern mobile devices, including support for Scorecards 2.0. See example below from my Galaxy S9+ mobile phone.

The support for mobile is so strong that it probably doesn't make much sense to use the Salesforce 1 app anymore, as the feature set on that app is quite limited. 

With the new responsive design you can view and interact with so much more of the product, including newer features like Timeline!