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  • 9 December 2015
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I need to have an extensive 360 view of a customer and am finding limitations with the current 360 export.  Is there any way to get the Success Snapshot to be compiled in Word and also pull data from any fields within SFDC?  

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5 replies

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Thanks Kiersti. Just to confirm have you tried the PDF export (this is available by default for every c360 page) and success snapshots in PPT, where you can export any number of reports? 

We do not currently have plan to export in Word, but would love to better understand the use case and what data you require to be exported. Thanks
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Hey Kiersti,

Just checking in to see if you've used success snapshots. You can pull fields from both account and customer info object into success snapshots.

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It looks like this has been answered... any follow up questions on this post?
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Piling on this request - we also have use cases where word is much more user-friendly than ppt. For example, when internally preparing for executive meetings with client, we ask our CSMs to prepare internal briefing doc to our own executives. Half of the info is available in c360 (data could be sitting either in gainsight or SFDC). There is no reason to do a slide in this case, yet if we can extract the info into word, that will make it more much productive for the team. Thanks. 
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I have the exact same need. While powerpoint is nice, the arrangement in slides create long ppt files, which can be easily put into 1-2 pages of a Word doc.