Success Plans - Checking off tasks on objectives vs Gantt Chart

  • 1 February 2018
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Im not sure if this is a problem or intended functionality... but when you check of a task on the objective of a success plan and then go to the Gantt chart it makes a point on the chart, crosses off the task but does not check off the box of the task on the Gantt chart. Then if you check off a task on the Gantt chart it doesnt make a point on the chart, doesnt cross it out, and doesnt check it off in the objective. 

What is the difference between checking tasks off on the Gantt Chart vs the objective? Why would you use one over the other? Or should they being working the same between the two?


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2 replies

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Hi Collen,I've have tried to reproduce the issue locally,but unable to reproduce the issue. I've created a support ticket for this issue,our support team will get in touch with you. 
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Hi Colleen, We found the root cause of the issue and fixed it in this release(October). This issue was occurring only when a custom status was used. 

 Please refer the release notes for more information. 

Thanks for letting us know.