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  • 28 March 2018
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We are working on creating success plans for our onboarding process. We would like to make the onboarding success plan visible in our product to any admin who logs in. This would require a url that isn't restricted by person. Can we generate a general url to paste in our product and have different people access it?

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2 replies

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It is a sort of a hack but if you set it up with no OTP (up to you if you want to include expiration) and send to one person then you can post the link and basically have everyone access the plan as the person you originally sent it to.  One subtlety: there is a redirect involved so use the link in the email, not the one that eventually shows in the browser.  To be clear: think through the security for your use case and realize that you won't be able to track who viewed.
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You can do the same with Dashboard as well. I have a Dashboard on a Success Plan to make it easier to highlight new CTAs and timeline entries.