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  • 29 August 2019
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One of the CSMs within my org selected the incorrect "success plan type" and would like to change it. I am aware that you cannot change the "CTA Type" once it's selected.

However, is it possible for the GS Admin to make that change in the backend? If so, how? Otherwise, do I have to submit a support ticket?

Thank you in advance!



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Hi Jasmine, Good news, we have a workaround!! Since we store all of these data in salesforce objects we can change them from the backend. Please raise a support ticket, our support team will help you on this.

Thanks for posting!

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Hi Jasmine, Sorry for the inconvenience, Yes we cannot change the Success plan type and CTA type once selected. I will have to do a check whether we can do it from the back-end or not.

Technically: Based on the Success plan type the form will be changed, I mean the parameters/templates will be changed. That is the reason we are not allowing to edit/change the type in both places. Let's me do hands and get back to you.