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  • 20 September 2019
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Is anyone else struggling with why showing Success Plans in the Share 360 is mutually exclusive to share with either contacts OR users? Why not both? If the idea is for a user to share the 360 with a contact, why have the binary permissions? If I select show preview for contacts, as a user I am presented a message that no success plans exist.


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3 replies

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Hi @sierra_evans 

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Are you using the sharing ability on the C360 or directly sharing success plans

You can share a success plan with both users & contacts...but you can do it only one at a time (i.e you need to share a SP with contacts first & then share the same SP with users). Does that help?

Also for a Success Plan to be visible to contacts it need to marked for external visibility (similar to the screenshot below)


Also to make things simple, we have improved the process of sharing success plans in our NXT edition where you can share with users & contacts in a single go

(Documentation Link:


Let me know if you need any more details


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Hi @aditya_marla - we are using a variety of sharing methods for success plans, but this use case is for the Share C360 functionality. We are aware of the enhancement in NXT, but unfortunately we do not have the upgrade on our near-term roadmap.


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Got it. Thanks for sharing the feedback @sierra_evans . For now, the only way would be to share it twice: share it once for all the users involved & once for all the contacts involved.