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  • 12 November 2018
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Do we have any plans to create associations between Success Plans within an account or group them within a folder structure? Potentially across Relationships?


Best answer by dan_ahrens 13 November 2018, 18:55

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Hi Mike, can you share some details around the use case(s) you have in mind here?

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Hi Dan,

Micro Focus has multiple CSM groups that could all work with the same customer but would have seperate Success Plans logged at the Relationship level. They would like to have a view where the SPs can be linked together or at least shown in a folder rather than toggling between the different Success Plans.

Hopefully this clears up the ask!



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So basically a view that shows all Success Plans for that Account including success plans created at the account or relationship level?

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You got it!

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You can create this view/report using one of the example reports on this page.

Specifically you can build a report that shows the account, relationship name (if applicable), Success Plan name (which is clickable), and other details. See example below: