Success Plan Criteria

  • 27 September 2018
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Our enterprise team has launched a series of success plan templates for our CSMs to use. They are also encouraging CSMs to create/customize their own for unique customer situations but would like to maintain some level of control over what these include. One request was a way to have a pop up/text box with their standard 'success plan criteria' to remind CSMs what they need to include in their custom success plans (certain # of objectives, meet a certain KPI, etc). I don't believe we can customize the pop up when creating a success plan, but are there any other ideas of where we could include custom instructions like this?

2 replies

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Hi Katie,

Bumping this to increase visibility. I don't have answers, but it's a good question. The only thing I can think of is to possibly include a content hyperlink in your Playbooks that will be assigned to SP's, but that doesn't help if your CSMs are manually creating the SP.
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I think a simple solution would be to have a new field of type Text configured in the Plan Info section. This new field will have the help text as the default value that shows up whenever someone opens a plan.