Sponsor Tracking: pasting in linkedin urls

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I'm updating a support article on Sponsor Tracking and Elaine reports that, "[i]I think we need to acknowledge that some LinkedIn URLs cannot be found even after they are pasted...I believe that's because the contact does not have a "public Linkedin profile" but we should confirm with product that's the proper way to represent that in our documentation.  I get the question all the time about the links not working even after you paste them directly from LinkedIn."

Can someone from product confirm this is the reason some linkedin url's can't be pasted in?

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Below are the two conditions while  tracking a contact:
1) If the contact is not existing in the third party tool,we cannot track a person/contact.
2)If the linkedin profile is Private/premium member then we cannot track a contact.
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To add to Sai, there is an option to stage a contact. This helps to know when Gainsight is able to find those profiles (possibly in a few days). In this case, the contact appears with button "View Matches".
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Is this still accurate? I had a customer ask about this the other day.
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Hi Lane,

It is true that we cannot track certain profiles because they are private. At the same time, it is possible we may not be able to track a profile immediately even if it is not private. These profiles can be added to tracking queue and when there are matches the state of tracking changes to 'view matches' for the user to see the matches and start tracking the right profile.