Set Score Error - Attempt to de-reference a null object

  • 19 January 2018
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The issue I'm working through is similar to the one posted here:

Last week we converted scorecards from RYG to Numeric.  The following day the null object error message was reported on a singe rule set score function (1 out of 10).  After some head scratching and excellent advice from Gainsight support I found 2 problems with that set score rule.  First, it was trying to update scores on inactive accounts because of a filtering misconfiguration.  Second, I have lingering RYG values in the Scorecard Fact object.
Fixing the first problem resulted in a successful run of the failing rule... and there was much rejoicing.  Today another set score rule is failing apparently due to the second problem.  I'm not sure how rare this issue is but I thought a newer post with a solution could help us and other members of the community.

Is there a preferred method for converting lingering scorecard grading scheme records from the old to the new scheme?

4 replies

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Hi Dale,

Are you using Scorecard 2.0? Also, can you give some more detail on the second problem (lingering RYG values in the Scorecard Fact). In Scorecard 2.0, when a scheme is changed the corresponding values in the Fact object are also changed

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Hi Aditya,

Currently we use both scorecards while transitioning to Scorecard 2.0.  The set score problem only affects Scorecards V1 for us right now.  Scorecards V1 was also the only one converted to Numeric.  I put together a report to show the scorecard values to confirm  and these are some examples of the different values I'm seeing:

8/14/2017 02:58 PM #76ad27 Healthy 90 Healthy 90

7/27/2017 10:21 PM 90 75-100 90 75-100 90

I'm not sure if my assessment is accurate but it looks like the conversion may not have completed.
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Hi Dale,

Will check the behavior for Scorecard V1 and get back to you (For 2.0 the scheme change is reflected immediately in the fact object..and you should not run into this issue for 2.0)

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Solved - closing the loop on this one:

You'll need to wear your SFDC and Gainsight admin hats for this.  I was able to delete the records using workbench:

You can report on and delete single records or records in bulk with this tool.  I used workbench to output the scorecard fact records from SFDC.  I used report builder to output scorecard fact data from Gainsight along with corresponding scorecard name values to identify the bad records.  I cross referenced to identify the 
JBCXM__CurScoreId__c values from SFDC then filtered the SFDC data in excel on those 3 values.  I fed the filtered record ID values back to the mass delete tool and voila, problem solved.

This was uncharted territory for me with the potential for data loss.  I strongly recommend proceeding with extreme caution using the steps outlined above.  Check check and re-check!

Many thanks to the community and a quick shout out to Kevin Ly for suggesting I try the workbench tool.