Set overall score based on one scorecard measure

  • 8 January 2016
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Is there a way to set the overall health score based on only 1 component.  We have a subjective measure called "State of Customer Relationship".  We have the case where if a CSM sets that measure to RED the overall health could automatically be set to RED as well - this would allow us to bring to attention and flag certain accounts adhoc.  We'd like to be able to do this without  having to increase the weighting %.

1 reply

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We did something similar, but have since removed the rule in favor of a tag that we could pull reports on. Our rule was called "The Trump Rule".

What this would do is if "State of Customer Relationship" was red, it set all the scorecard measures to red that influenced the current score. The trick with this one is this rule needs to run after any rules that would change the other measures.

We decided to remove the Trump Rule because it was taking away from what we call the "Science Risk" of a customer. 

Having a tag called "At Risk" allows us to create a dashboard that has the information about each of the customers deemed At risk.