Security - restricting view of a report in C360

  • 14 March 2018
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From a data-security point view, is there
a way to block a view and/or exporting functionality of just one section in C360 i.e. to be viewed by only a selected group of people? 

For example, we have a section in C360 called Revenue
which shows a report on the products/services an account purchases. Is there a
way to restrict this report to only the account owner and the leadership team,
without restricting other reports, or the entire C360 to other users?

Thank you


6 replies

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Hi Katerina, I suggest that you look into our multiple layout functionality.  For example, you could define two layouts, one with the section and one without it, and make the first one available only to execs or whatever. 
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Hi Karl

Thanks for the quick reply. 

I did think of creating mutliple layouts  - one with restricted view and the other with full info view as that would sort out the security issue perfectly.

However the problem I've run into is that we already use 2 different layouts - for two different types of customers (Retailers vs manufacturers). It does not look like I can keep the Layout assigned to the Customer type and also add this criteria:

if current user = account owner, then show full view layout. And if current user = Exec role , then show full view layout. For all other instances, show Default/Restricted layout view. 
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@Katerina, your ask should be possible. I will get back to you on this. 
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That would be awesome - our business is understandably keen to restrict sensitive / info asap i.e. yesterday so any suggestions on how we can achieve this would be much appreciated. 

We also discussed using SFDC permissions to restrict which team can view which C360s but that will restrict x-functional/geographical collaboration - one of the key reasons why we are working with you today. If we could somehow restrict only certain reports within the C360 to only a selected audience (account owner and leadership team) maybe by having the different layouts, that would be great.

Many thanks for your support

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I don't know how to address the Account Owner piece, unfortunately.  Hopefully, Sai can track that down.  For the rest, you can do the following. 

Create four layouts: Retailers-Full, Retailers-Restricted, Manufacturing-Full, Manufacturing-Restricted.  One of these may be the Default layout but I will assume that you have another Default layout that is a generic thing that will act as a backstop.

Also, make sure that the Account has a field to distinguish what you want -- Industry, say -- and User has a field to identify executives -- IsExec boolean, say.  

In the Layout Selection you pick the Industry field for Account and the IsExec field for User.  You then have four criteria lines 

        Industry                  IsExec                   Layout
1. Manufacturing             True .         Manufacturing-Full
2. Manufacturing             False         Manufacturing-Restricted
3. Retailing                      True .         Retailing-Full
4. Retailing                      False         Retailing-Restricted

As I mentioned, unfortunately I don't see a way to address the Account Owner request.  Perhaps someone else has an idea for it. 
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Hi Katerina,

One way to achieve it is by creating a formula field(of type text) on customerInfo object. 
The logic of formula field can be -

IF (Account Owner = logged-in user AND Industry = Manufacturing) then field value = "Manufacturing-Full" ELSE
IF (User Role = Executive AND Industry = Manufacturing) then field value = "Manufacturing-Full" ELSE
IF (Account Owner = logged-in user AND Industry = Retailing) then field value = "Retailing-Full" ELSE
IF (User Role = Executive AND Industry = Manufacturing) then field value = "Retailing-Full" ELSE
IF (Industry = Manufacturing) then field value = "Manufacturing-Restricted" ELSE
field value = "Retailing-Restricted"

You can use this formula field values in multiple layout config and assign the layouts based on this field value.
Please let me know if this solves your problem.