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  • 30 June 2021
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Is it common to enable users to search for companies by a contact (company person)? How would you go about setting this up?


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@sarahmiracle I don’t know that you can use the traditional Company / Relationship search bar, but you could duct-tape it with a Report.

  1. Build a Report containing all of your Company Person records, with Name, email, title, etc….basically whatever fields you want to be searchable.
  2. In the Report, include the Company Name (which gives you a hyper-link).

If your users visit the Dashboard containing the Report, they can use the Report column header search to query the applicable column. If they want to find a Company Person by email, have them input the desired email address into the email column header. The Report should surface the applicable Company(s) and put them one click away from the Company record.

This same strategy works for any object. For example, if you have several Company IDs that are unique to your business, you can load them all into a Report, let users utilize the column search, and quickly find their Company.

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I like this workaround solution. I had concerns that opening up the “Search” bar configuration to contacts would degrade search performance, the report is a nice way to still accomplish the ask without impacting search performance.

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Uh, it’s just that it’s yet another workaround for something that is basic.