Scorecard: Trending bar showing wrong score?

  • 25 September 2018
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What exactly should the trending history show on the most recent bar?  The current score?  Or last week's score?

I've been told by Gainsight support that the weekly scorecard snapshot occurs on Sunday evenings.   Our new scores get updated mid-day on Mondays.

Looking at a customer scorecard yesterday afternoon (after my scorecard update rules had completed), this aligns with the above.   Last week's score was 93.  This week's score is 87.  In the example below, the last bar on the trending shows score of 93 with a date of 9/23/2018 (Sunday).

This morning, I looked at the same customer.  Now the last bar in the trending history shows 87 with a date of 9/23/2018 (still Sunday).  

Which is impossible.  Because the score has been 93 every week until yesterday when it changed to 87.

2 replies

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UPDATE: I had a support ticket opened on this.  They came back to me and after consulting with the designers, the last bar IS supposed be the current score and the date in the bar indicates the beginning of the current week. I was under the impression that the weekly snapshot that runs on Sundays was what updates that last bar, and apparently it is the nightly sync job that runs.

The only documentation I find on the trend line in Scorecards 2.0:

IMO “history” means history – not including the current score.  Wish this had been more clearly documented, would have saved me a lot of hassle.
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Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. We'll be sure to update the documentation!