Scorecard 2.0 UI Questions

  • 9 November 2017
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I have two questions about the Scorecard 2.0 UI

1. We noticed that when you hover over a score (either a Measure score or a rolled up score), the word "Label:" precedes the label.  This to us seems unnecessary and doesn't look quite "finished" - can the word "Label" be removed in any way?

2. We have defined descriptions for each Measure but those descriptions don't appear anywhere in the UI (from the CSM point of view).  Should these descriptions pop up when you hover over the measure within the Scorecard view?


13 replies

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1. We can get rid of that "label" keyword, as they are not making any sense. 
2. Any suggestion on where do you like to see the description ? We can consider to add this..

I will forward this to our PM in mean time. he might update you here about his thoughts. 

Thank you for your valuable suggestions on Scorecard, we really appreciate that. :)

~Scorecard Team 
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Thanks Azhar!  I think the description could be a popup when you hover over the Measure name.  Or, you could shift over the history and comments sections and include the description next to the Measure name. 

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Hi Kate,

A quick useful do you think is it to also have the '[i]Help Text' display along with the '[i]Measure Description'. Or would just having the  '[i]Measure Description' be sufficient ?

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Update :
The Measure name when hovered will display the description of the measure, earlier we were displaying "Manual" or "Automatic".  

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Awesome - when can we expect that update?
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Not sure about the exact date. I will ask the team about next patch/minor release and update you by next week. 
At this very moment I cannot tell you anything. 😞
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Sounds good - thanks for your quick response!
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is this updated in prod?
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@jahnavi. Not yet. This will come along winter release.  😞
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I was searching for a way to expose the weight system to the CSMs, and this seems like the easiest method (add the weight details to the 'description' for the measure).  In our system, the pop-up still says 'Label:Red'.  Was this change made and/or is it available?
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Hi Rob - yes, the label was updated but it doesn't change the label for each measure, but rather corresponds to the label you have set for each score at the scorecard level:

Instead you would want to include the weight in the help text for each measure in your scorecard configuration.
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I have added a Measure description but when I hover over the score, it still shows "Label: xxx, Score xxx". Is there something I have to toggle to change the hover action to the Measure

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If you have configured the description field, the hover over action will show that description if you hover over the name of the measure.

Hovering over the score value will show the score label. 

See example below: