Scorecard 2.0 trend data on a monthly basis

  • 4 December 2017
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We have accounts where information is only updated on a monthly basis. This makes the scorecard 2.0 trend look odd with blanks each month except for the first trend data point of each month. Can there be a way to set the frequency that the trend snapshots is set?

6 replies

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Hi Nate,

In Scorecard2.0, the snapshot is taken on both a weekly & monthly basis. So if the data is updated only on a monthly basis, the data for all the subsequent weeks should show the same value (the weekly data should not appear blank). Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of the issue?

Currently, in the C360/R360 section, there is no option to change whether the historical data is shown on a monthly/weekly basis. In reporting though, you can report on the monthly trends of the score. Also, in the C360/R360 section would you need the CSM to choose between Weekly/Monthly trend or would the admin want to configure it for some accounts (based on the scorecard set / any company attributes)?

I have attached a screenshot showing the blanks.
I think it would be nice for the admin to be able to configure by measure, whether the data is monthly or weekly. 


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Hi Nate,
Have forwarded this to the engineering team to understand why this is happening. 
Another question I had was If one measure in a scorecard has a score captured weekly & one measure has monthly, how should the rollups happen? (Or would all the measures in one scorecard be either monthly or weekly? ) 
Great! Will you open a ticket for this so I can keep track? Thanks. 
I will have to give some more thought into the rollup behavior. 
Any movement here from the Engineering team?
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Hey everyone, Since this is a issue/bug in the product, changed it to Problem type.