Report last modified date on Scorecard

  • 28 January 2016
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Is there a good way to report on the last modified date of a scorecards comments? We would like to pull a list of scores that might be stale and need to be updated.

4 replies

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Yes, we created one a few weeks ago, but it is specific to one metric in the scorecard that our CSMs are supposed to update weekly. We did find out that if the score, in our case is Red, Yellow, Green, or if the comment is updated, it is marked as modified.

Our report looks like this:

Scorecard Fact 
Show me: Count Account Names
Group by: CSM Name

Metric Id Name (this is the specific metric we look at)
Last Modified Date <= last 7 days.
CSM name != null
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Hi Lane,
Quick question about this - does your report 'call out' which was updated?  Either the score or comment?  Or, does it not provide that detail?
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Hi Anne, I'm not sure we can determine that from the rules engine. If either are updated, it shows updated.
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There are two fields you'd want to include on this report to look at modified dates:

Last Modified Date is the overall record (will update if either score or comment is updated).

Score Last Modified Date will look at only the last time the score was updated and ignore comment updates.