remove contact from Person Module on C360 page

  • 27 July 2018
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a contact that is currently on an account under the Person Module needs to be removed.  There is no way to do this that I see

4 replies

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Hi Sarah, I checked with a teammate and it sounds like there is no product area in Gainsight that supports Admins in deleting records from the Person object. The C360 > Person section retrieves contacts from the Person object only. I recommend checking with in case there's a backend option for deleting records.
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Is this functionality coming please? We also need to remove contacts from the Person section - there is no option to do this and neither can I delete any data from the Object in Data Management (unless I ask GS Support to do it) 
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Hi Katerina,

We're working on allowing deletes from the Person section. I don't have an exact timeline just yet but you can expect it within the next couple of releases.

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​Hi All, this is fixed and available in October release.

Delete records in Company Person Object from C360 page is available now.

You can now delete a record from the Person section in the C360page. This operation deletes a record from the Company Person object. This functionality works based on the same concept as used in the Object Graph. When you delete a record from the Person section in the C360 page, any other field with a lookup to Company Person object will honour the Enable lookup > On Delete option used in the target field.

Please refer the release notes for more information. 

Thanks for posting!​