Relationships Training Video for Admins

  • 29 June 2017
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We are utilizing the Gainsight Customer Success University to train our GS Admins. The only module that would be missing is on Relationships. If we had that last piece it would be a huge benefit to our organization.

6 replies

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Hi Anthony, I believe our training team is working on revising Admin 101, but in the meantime you can use this Relationships Walkthrough video (10 mins.) as an intro for GS Admins.
Great thank you. I did find that video. I'm excited to see the admin video updates. Regards,
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Hi Anthony!  My team has Admin 100 in the final stages of production now, but we do not include Relationships within that program, however, as we feel it's more impactful to deliver hands-on content and go into more detail.

To that point, we have completed and are running a Virtual session on Relationships next month (this is Admin 202 - advanced material)  This is roughly 2-3 hours of content plus hands-on material in a Training Environment.  

We'll be scheduling more sessions, but let me know if you are interested in participating this cycle.  We'll be opening up sessions publicly after this round and setting them to a schedule.
Thank you Dave. I'm versed in Relationships but I was hoping for a shorter module to deliver to our future admins as an introduction. I've created my own videos for the time being. Thanks for all the info!
Hi Dave I would be very interested in the Virtual session on relationships. We are getting ready to implement and while I have reviewed the video and the other relationship information on the support site, it still feels like I lack the knowledge I need to make correct configuration decisions. The hands-on session in the Training environment sounds like just what I need. How do I enroll?
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Hi Karen!  I've sent you an email with information!