Relationships: Give users ability to create their own Relationship

  • 17 November 2015
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We have not yet implemented Relationships, but we are planning to as this would (hopefully) solve an important business need for us.  In reading the documentation on setting up Relationships, here is one big red flag:  

"Note: if you have 100 customers and each of these customers is assigned to three relationship types, you will need to repeat this step 300 times. Also, every time there is a new customer, you will need to manually add relationships for this customer, if relevant."

HUGE red flag.  This is going to be very unscalable for us.

We have hundreds of resources servicing thousands of customers/accounts globally.  If a resource needs to contact the CS Ops team everytime they need a Relationship created, they will bottleneck.  

Creating Relationships via Rules (future functionality) won't always be possible either, because many times we don't know the customer's organizational structure until a CSM begins working with the customer.

We will need the ability for our users to create their own Relationships.  It would be good to have a New Relationship button on the C360 page that a user can click to initiate a new relationship, rather than having to go to the Administration page.

4 replies

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Jeff, from the relationship section that can be added to C360, users will be able to create a new relationships. You will need to go the the relationship admin page only if you are defining a new relationship type.
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Thanks Sidhu.  That was not clear to me reading the doc

Under "2. Manually add a relationship to a customer" it says:

"In this step, an Admin creates a new relationship for a specific customer, based on the relationship types defined in step #1. "

To me this makes it sound like only the Admin would have permissions to add relationships.  Might be good to clarify the doc.
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Thanks for pointing out the issue Jeff. We will correct this soon. 
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Jeff, we have incorporated your suggestions into the doc. I am going to convert this Idea to a Problem and mark it as solved.