Relationship (Customer) Search

  • 11 October 2016
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Use Case: 

- Given the way that we
have CSM to Account relationships setup, our Gainsight implementation is R360
focused. C360 (account level) is not currently viable for our CSMs.


Current Process:

- The global search is
great, but the user needs to click on the drop-down and then select
"relationship contains" filter.



- It would be great to
configure what the default global search parameter is. For us, the default for
all users would be "relationship contains".

5 replies

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Thanks for sharing, Janet. Makes a lot of sense for a Relationship-centric workflow. I'll discuss this internally and let you know what improvements can be made.

Also, is your team using dashboard reports as a launching point for these Relationships? Relationship names are all hyperlinked and we recently released the Scorecard mass-edit view as well (has inline editable scores and comments for each Relationship in each row).
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Manu, team - any updates on having the ability to default the Global search to a Relationship-centric view? 
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We are adding state-preservation to remember what the last selection was. This way, you'd have to flip to Relationship search just once.

Update: Currently planned for the Winter (Feb) release.
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As a further enhancement to this, is it possible to have a filter for searching both Customer and Relationship? Our CSM's own all aspects of the customer so sometimes they need to get to the individual relationship quickly. Other times, they need to get to the account. 
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Absolutely, we are actively working on updating the entire search module. The new design will let you search on multiple entities without having to make an explicit selection each time. I've re-assigned the thread, so we are able to track and provide you an ETA.