Relationship Associated Fields limit being caused by JSON text string

  • 1 May 2018
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Hi Jennifer,


Please find below a quick summary of the JSON query issue.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional details.


  • For each offer there’s a corresponding record in the “Relationship Type” object (e.g. NGFW, ISE, etc.)[list]
  • In this object, there is an “Attributes” field that stores a JSON query (please refer to screenshot below)

  • When fields in the “GS Relationship” object (R360) are associated with a Relationship Type, the field’s label and API are added to the JSON query and stored in the “Attributes” field

  • The “Attributes” field is a long text area type field with a maximum of 32.768 characters, the maximum allowed by Salesforce

  • As more “GS Relationship” fields are associated with a Relationship Type, the length of the JSON query increases and reaches the limit of 32,768 characters (please refer to sample JSON query below)[list]
  • We are near the character limit for NGFW and are having issues adding associating additional fields with the NGFW Relationship Type in our Dev environment
  • Possible short term work around – decrease the length of some GS Relationship field labels and APIs in order to truncate the length of the JSON query for more breathing room.  NOTE: This would only be done for fields that are not already displayed on the R360.  Updating APIs for fields that are already displayed entails a large amount of re-work in configuration and testing.




“Attributes” field in “Relationship Type” object where JSON Query is stored:



Sample JSON Query containing many field labels and APIs:


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Delivered patch Version # is SFDC-5.10-H8.

We checked on performance and there will be no impact on 360 pages. In configuration screen (Admin-Relationship-Fields) you may see a delay in getting those fields as the payload increases with the addition of more fields per relationship type.