Related List on C360 not pulling data

  • 14 February 2023
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When I pull the report on it’s own its showing the data fine, but the filter on the related list is pulling in this GSID no matter what filter I choose. Any ideas?


3 replies

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@Jacquelyne I’m not completely certain what’s occurring, but I’m curious if you’ve added a Company or Company filter to the underlying Report itself.

If you add a Company-related filter, that applies to the Report, and then the C360 further narrows the query to that 2nd Company’s C360.

  • Report filtered for only Company Name = Red
  • Filtered Report added to C360
  • View C360 for Company Name = Blue
  • No results. Only the related records for the Red company are in the Report, and none of those are eligible to be displayed on a Blue C360.

Weigh if you really need a Company-related filter on your Report. If you remove it, then all eligible records come into scope on the Report. Furthermore, the C360 then can display any eligible records related to each company’s C360.


@matthew_lind Thanks for your reply! I don’t need a company filter, but when adding the report through the related list option on C360 layout it makes me choose a field to filter so that it can show only records related to the customer in view. What is a typical filter that should be chosen? I’m using a custom gainsight object that stores this data. 

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@Jacquelyne The ideal filter to utilize for a Related List is the Company GSID. That will require that your custom Gainsight object have the Company GSID somewhere within or have a lookup to the Company GSID. GSID is ideal because it’s’ always globally unique, and you escape any problems with companies of similar name.

Essentially, you’re telling Gainsight which field in your custom object holds the reference to the Company, so that the C360 can utilize the field you designate for filtering.