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Hi Ya’ll! Good Morning, Happy Thursday! I am new to the Gainsight Family, still learning the best ways to maximize the system. 

We are asking CSMs to update Sentiment on the C360 scorecard. Have any of you developed best practices for entering and keep this up to date? Any examples of Quick Reference Guides you company has created? Also, does your company only allow CSMs to update the sentiment? We are determining, specifically for the tech touch customers, what the cadence should be for update and who should be asked to update Sentiment. 

Any thoughts are appreciated! 


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@gunjanm Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 

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@justinduffell I implemented this for a client and the end user process is as follows:

  1. Edit GRR value on the Open Renewal Opportunity on the C360 (using a low-volume custom Opportunity object)
  2. Update the CSE Sentiment measure in the Scorecard section
  3. Click into the CSE Sentiment measure → add a Timeline update of type “Status Update” 
  4. Add a Success Plan “Get Well Plan” if Yellow or Red

These fields all populate back to their previous SFDC object, since all executive reporting still relies on this object. There is also an internal SLA to keep any Yellow or Red statuses up to date every 14 days, so we have used not only the validity period, but also a Rule to create a CTA for the CSE to update the Sentiment, as well as reports on both manager and CSE dashboards indicating “stale” health scores. 

For tech touch, I would suspect a Sentiment weight should be quite low in comparison to usage data, due to the nature of this segment. I would also suggest a longer validity period. Depending on the engagement model, it could be the CSM but perhaps others may have valid input for the sentiment. 

Hope this helps!