Question on scorecard behavior when two different rules directly affect one measure.

  • 9 March 2017
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Hi Everyone,

We need to setup a new rule where we change our sentiment scorecard to match a manual Red/Yellow/Green field on the account page in Salesforce. So for example, if a CSM changes the RYG field in SFDC to Yellow, we want the sentiment score to match that. 

Currently our NPS surveys are directly affecting the sentiment scorecard as well. So for example if a customer submits an NPS survey and gives us a 7 or 8 we set the sentiment scorecard to Yellow (or 0 to 6 we set it to red).

How will the scorecards behave if we have these two rules directly affecting one measure? Can we configure one to take precedent over the other? I worry that if a CSM sets an account to RED and then the customer later submits say a 7 NPS survey, it will override that red and change the sentiment to yellow. 

2 replies

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This should be possible. Define a rule chain as follows - 

Rule 1 - Define the NPS Survey as the first rule which configures the Sentiment Measure in the scorecard
Rule 2 - Create rule to set score by using the SFDC field which you have referred to.

Detailed documentation can be found here. I have a follow up question though, Why cant the measure be a manual measure where the CSM changes directly in the scorecard rather than manually setting it as a field in Account Page?

Abhishek S
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Thank you for the reply Abhishek. I'll look into this using the rule chain as you suggested and see if we can make it work. To answer your question, great question! We proposed it but the team in question didn't like it and wanted something they could set in Salesforce. We can probably attribute it to adoption issues for this team.