Quarter to Quarter Overall Health score report with delta values

  • 27 February 2017
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Hi Folks,

I'm trying to build a Overall health score reports fr my CSM's - My requirement is as follows
Build a Average of Overall health score report for CSM's Quarter over Quarter
Get the delta of the Average health score between the quater and have this delta value on the report

EG - Consider i have a CSM

Q42016 - Overall health score - 78.09
Q10217 - Overall health score - 79.06

Delta - 79.06 - 78.09 = 0.97

I have been able to plot the Quarterly Overall health report for CSM, however i'm stuck at getting the delta values

I'm very new to Gainsight - Any help on this will be much appreciated.


3 replies

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Hi Lokesh, I've been working on some of the new capabilities with regard to data management in MDA and calculated fields are now supported very nicely in v5.5. In your example, the calculated fields will allow for in line formula calculation of delta and percentages. See sample below. 

Details on formula fields available here: and in the v5.5 (February 2017) release notes

And specifically to your use case, since I'm your Gainsight CSM, I'll reach out via email to schedule some time this week to review this info and help solve your calculation challenge.

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This is great! We have been thinking about this as well. Thank you for posting and thank you @Dan for the resources!
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Hi Dan,

I was able to follow the Link provided and i created a MDA object with 3 fields for my requirment - BaseLineScore, CurrentScore and DeltaScore
DeltaScore as BaseLineScore - CurrentScore

If you can let me know when we can setup a call to go over this it will be helpfull