Provide an "Include data from all children" option at the relationship level.

  • 14 December 2017
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We recently deployed relationships to our CSM's and are very pleased with the more focused view on their customers. The one 'gap' that' we have ran into is the ability to view child account data at the relationship level. We organize our relationships by product and a parent account will often have multiple child accounts under it representing different divisions. They have separate contracts which is why they are on different accounts but when it comes to business reviews, we need are now missing the simplicity of clicking a button to aggregate all accounts together for presenting metrics to the customer. 

Is it on the roadmap to add this functionality to the relationship level? 

9 replies

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Thanks for posting.  I want to make sure that I understand the situation.  You have Relationships at both the parent an child accounts and want to see a single view of all of them?  You mentioned presenting metrics.  Can you explain an example of what metric you want to aggregate and where it is?  Thanks.
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Yes. The relationship type exists at both levels and we would like to have a roll-up option in the various reports.

For example, when presenting usage metrics during a Business Review, they would like to evaluate those as a roll-up across all accounts and not each individually. These metrics are currently housed within the R360 report sections. The reports are often the same as what we were using prior to relationships, they are just now 'housed' within the R360 rather than on the C360 where this feature was available.
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Checking in to see if there is any feedback on this from product to meet this need. 
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Sorry for the delay, Samantha.  We are looking to do a lot with the concept of associating Relationships with each other.  For example, many times we see multi-BU companies having various Relationships to capture product installations and others to capture the overall Relationship that the BU has with the customer.  It then makes sense to view aggregated data from the product Relationships in the BU Relationship.  Similarly, when partners are involved you have a Relationship with the Partner that should feature aggregated info from the various customer Relationships that the partner is responsible for.   Now, the use case that you identify is similar but a little bit different -- so, to be honest, I am not totally sure whether we will address it as part of this same initiative.   We need to work through the details a bit more to be sure.  
Is there any update or movement on this request?
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Hello all,

The team at Micro Focus has also requested that this functionality be included in the roadmap.

Would be happy to proivide additional context.

Thank you!


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Hi All, Was this feature implemented? We are currently facing the same issue.
We want to be able to associate multiple relationships to each other in a parent child way and have no way of doing that today.

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Hello. I would like to revitalize this suggestion. Our use case:

We use Relationships to represent our products. In a lot of cases CSM would like to check a Report on a Relationship at a parent level and have the option to include children (e.g. including only the same relationship type).

Without this, it is impossible to do a lot of meaningful reporting in the R360 that would allow to quickly include the whole company group / hierarchy. It is possible to do in C360 which then unfortunately devalues R360 as a feature for us and pushes us towards workarounds instead, like creating reports in C360 that are filtered by product on the individual report level.

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One of my customers has this requirement as well -