Protip: SFDC to NXT Usability

  • 28 August 2020
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To all Admins out there that have gone from an SFDC instance to an NXT (as I currently am) I have discovered a small but useful tip that will alleviate some potential frustration. 

When leveraging Data Designer in NXT, in order to ASSURE your company/account lookups are successful, (especially in C360 reports) you MUST include the GSID in your dataset. 

While this may be common practice to some Admins, this was not “yet” a common practice for me. Going forward, it’s the GSID for me, everywhere and anywhere :) 

Shout out to @chris_mudd from support on helping me get my learn-on!

1 reply

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@keith_mattes Thanks for sharing your knowledge here! We truly appreciate your efforts.