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  • 16 November 2018
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Hi All,

We are considering shifting from a color-based scorecard to a numbered scale. I am trying to figure out if a measure can be directly linked to another field so the number on the measure equates whatever the field's value is.

In our instance, we track usage as a percentage. Say if a customer had 80% usage, we would like the usage measure to show 80 (green). Currently, we are populating this measure through a rule with 3 different buckets defining the green, yellow and red labels. Would really appreciate insight if someone has managed to do this successfully!

4 replies

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Hi Sarah,

Setting scores to the value of a numeric field is possible, just as you've described in your scenario. i.e. usage value = 80%, set score for usage to 80.

Just include the field in your dataset, and from the dropdown "Set Score from:", instead of picking Scoring scheme, select the numeric field that you want to populate the the score.

Example of such from a measure setting rule I've setup:

With your example above, depending on the actual values in the field, you might just need to scale the field value to:

Source Range: 0 to 1

That is, if the actual value in the field is .80 and not 80, you'd want to account for percentages– but, might not be necessary depending on the field config.

This is how it looks for Scorecards 2.0– I can't remember exactly how this looked in Scorecards 1.0, but pretty sure it was just like this as well.

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Thank you so much Pele for your detailed response! Good to know it's at least possible.

I currently do not see any other options than the Scoring scheme. Would you happen to know why?

I see you mentioned adding the field to the dataset. This probably could be the reason for not seeing options right now. Could you please elaborate on what this means?

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Yeah, for sure!

The fields that are available in that dropdown will be Number or Percentage fields that are included in the "Show:" fields from Setup Rule.

Not seeing the field you want in that list could be a couple of things:

  1. Just needs to be added to the Show fields from the Setup Rule section
  2. Field might not be configured as a Number (could be configured as a String or Text, but contains Numbers or Percentages)
Hope this helps :)

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Ah seems to be a case of text configuration for a numerical field. Super helpful though, Pele! Really appreciate your help here :)