Pictures and titles appearing in Person list and People Map org chart

  • 20 June 2019
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Not sure if this is a bug but we noticed that the photos of individuals build in an org chart, are not displaying their photos. Should these be pulling in from linkedin? After building my people map, i added the linkedin profile by coping and pasting and refreshed but there was no change. I also noticed when i went back to the "list" view that the linkedin profile did not write back and stick. So under the list view, i updated the same contact with that URL. The titles and roles were not appearing, so assume this is related to the linkedin profile being recognized?

Lastly can you explain the difference betwee "Title" vs "role" - are these pulling directly from a source like linkedin? and whats the difference between two? For example if my contact is the president clinical operations on their linkedin profile is that considered title or role?

Lastly the "manager" in the "list view" does that only pull from the direct reports that you associate when you utilize the hierarchy? Meaning if you never build a hierarchy with the user, then their manager field in the list view will always be empty?

Thanks for the clarification!


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Hi @shiela_kern,

- The ability to view pictures in People Maps and the List View should be available in the near future (within the next couple of releases).

- Title is supposed to be the actual job title of that person. Each of your customers may have different conventions of Titles (for example, Senior Executive, Assistant Manager). You would generally use a the Role field to identify the role of the person as it applies to your company and does not necessarily have anything to do with their Title (for example, Power User, Executive Sponsor, Adoption Champion etc.)

Currently, you need to go to the Sponsor Tracking section and track a contact for us to fetch their job title from LinkedIn. In future, we'll allow users to "Track" directly from People Maps and the List View.

- Yes, the Manager field will remain empty unless it's populated, either by associating it in the map, by manually adding the Manager in the List View (you can click on the Person in the List View and manually update the Manager field by searching for the Manager's Name), or you could pull the Manager data from Salesforce if it's already populated there.