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  • 10 November 2015
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Our internal audit team identified Gainsight as a resource hog because of the Customers Tab.  I have drop down in the Customers Tab that shows all accounts that Gainsight Administrators need, but not all reps.  I submitted a Support Ticket and they recommended I post here to ask for a permission set to allow certain reports to be viewed by certain profiles or permission sets.   I am not sure if this is possible, or even realistic since this might not be a problem for other companies.  

5 replies

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We just need someway to control who views what in Gainsight. Just using existing Profiles to associate Customer Views, Gainsight Dashboards, C360 Page Layouts, Playbooks...anything that is visible to the end user would work.
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It is in out roadmap to provide ability to mark reports as Public (visible to all) or share a report with certain users (or groups). All new report would be private by default and will be visible only to the owner (creator) of the report. A user would only see the reports that he has access to across Gainsight. 

I would like to understand more detail on how Customer Tab was identified as a resource hog because of the drop down. What methods were used to make this evaluation and what were the results? Which particular resource is this impacting the most? Once we have these details, we might be able to make it more performant and optimize it further so it consumes lesser resources. 
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Thank you, Sidhu.  I will reach out to our internal audit team and get back to you.  
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Here is the response from our internal audit:  "We placed a request through SF

Support to help identify where custom indexing and/or skinny tables could be

applied.  Support captured usage for VF performance along with API results

where Gainsight showed on the list."

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