People Maps at relationship level

  • 19 October 2022
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Hello GS Community,


Can we have People maps built at relationship level? I want to see the people map within the relationship people section.

6 replies

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@aktripathi It’s recommended to create a custom map at c360 level as there’s no people maps functionality available at relationship level

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Thank you so much for the clarification! @Revant_Amingad . Currently I have created a sub hierarchy map(for each relationship) at main company level, but it could have been great if we could have that inside of relationship layouts. 

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Awesome discussion here… moved it under the 360 Company & Relationships forum

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I would like to see the capability to view People Maps at the R360. Is this already a feature request? @Revant_Amingad 

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Not yet @john_apple . We can put it as product idea and upvote it.


Can this be done automatically? Imagine a CSM that handles 300+ accounts (digital based approach) Could you add to the person object and attribute, i.e: Org role, and in that identify owner, influencer, champion, manager, decision maker, etc

And with those fields populated then automatically have a suggested map for CSMs available, thay they can then edit based on the interactions held through the lifecycle?